Video Blog Posts

This part of the site is currently under construction and will be completed soon.  Please check back again!
My favorite thing to do is make music.  My second favorite thing to do is TALK!  LOL!  Anyway, from time to time I turn the camera on and just talk about something I find useful or interesting.  When this page is complete, there will be a couple of different categories to choose from of videos I've filmed over the years where I may do some playing, but the primary purpose of the video isn't to perform, and yet also isn't a traditional piano lesson or tutorial.  

Most are specifically related to my piano lessons, some will be about my other artistic ventures, and some are just for fun.  These videos, more than anything else I have posted, are an authentic chronicle of me over the years.....I cringe a little bit watching some of them because I've grown and evolved so much in what I think and how I do what I do, but I also think that there is enormous value to show that evolution over time, because that same process is happening for ALL of us.  I hope you enjoy watching them, and I will definitely keep adding them as ideas pop into my head.  


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