From the recording BEAT UP OLD PIANO

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Words & Music by Steve Lungrin

Steve Lungrin - Piano, Synthesizers, Bass, Drums, Lead & Backing Vocals

Chris Pinnick - Lead & Rhythm Guitars

Produced by Steve Lungrin


The Way We Used to Be

Verse 1
I unpacked the last box of things I took from our old place
I signed the papers, put ‘em in the mail yesterday
We’ve been so caught up in all the reasons why it had to end
And though we did the right thing, I swear I won’t forget why it began, and

I’ll never regret the time that we shared
This doesn’t change how much we cared
This is for the best, and though I never would have guessed
That it could end with you and me
That’s alright my love, we’ll always have the way we used to be

Verse 2
I smile when I think of all the times we laughed until it hurt
The time we laid in bed all day, and we both called in sick to work
I know that we both had our share of reasons for why we had to part
But I won’t lose the good times baby, no, I’ll keep them in my heart, and

We both walked through a different door
It wasn’t working anymore
But it was worth what we’ve been through
Because the love we shared was true, so

Copyright © 2008 Steve Lungrin Songs