From the recording BEAT UP OLD PIANO

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Words & Music by Steve Lungrin

Steve Lungrin - Piano, Synthesizers, Bass, Drums, Lead & Backing Vocals

Chris Pinnick - Lead & Rhythm Guitars

Produced by Steve Lungrin


Clean Off Your Slate

(Verse 1)
So you forgot to turn on your alarm
And you went to bed really late
Your cellphone ringing woke you up
And it was already nine-twenty-eight
It’s your boss yelling in your ear,
Now things are goin’ just great
Nothing you can do by then but clean off your slate

So what, so you had a bad day
Well I promise that it won’t be your last
You’ve got to learn to move forward now
And leave it all in the past
You could never learn right if you never did wrong
And it’s not a permanent fate
So chalk it up as a lesson learned and clean off your slate

(Verse 2)
You pick up some flowers and get dressed up
And you meet a girl for a date
You get a couple of drinks and spill one in her lap
And the other down on her plate
Everything goes downhill from there
And she goes home in a state
Not much you can do by then but clean off your slate

Every man and woman who has ever lived and breathed
Has had their share of rotten luck that they could not believe
But fire keeps burning, the world keeps turning, and there’s still more life to create
So let it go, and laugh it off, just clean off your slate

Copyright © 2004 Steve Lungrin Songs