From the recording BEAT UP OLD PIANO

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Words & Music by Steve Lungrin

Steve Lungrin - Piano, Synthesizers, Bass, Drums, Lead & Backing Vocals

Chris Pinnick - Lead & Rhythm Guitars

Produced by Steve Lungrin


This Isn’t Where I Thought I’d Be

(Verse 1)
I was a damn fool kid, ambitious, cocky, and so sure
I thought I’d get everything, climb the mountain, and own the world
But welcome to reality
I’m not the big shot that I always said I’d be

This isn’t where I thought I’d be
Things have worked out differently
I had some well laid plans years ago
I don’t have many choices now
But keep on keepin’ on somehow
But this ain’t how I thought it all would go
I hope I catch a break eventually
‘Cause this isn’t where I thought I’d be

(Verse 2)
I told everyone I knew, “I’m gonna be somethin’ else, you’ll see”
“You’ll see me above the crowd, and you’ll all wish that you were me”
But they all knew the real truth
I’m just another guy who shot my mouth off in my youth

No matter how I work and try
I only barely just get by
I feel like such a failure I could cry
My life is on a downward slide
I’m treading water at high tide
It’s hard on someone who had so much pride

Copyright © 2005 Steve Lungrin Songs