1. Play My Game

From the recording BEAT UP OLD PIANO

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Words & Music by Steve Lungrin

Steve Lungrin - Piano, Synthesizers, Bass, Drums, Lead & Backing Vocals

Chris Pinnick - Lead & Rhythm Guitars

Produced by Steve Lungrin


Play My Game

(Verse 1)
Last night I dreamed that Jesus appeared in front of me
I praised his holy name with joy and then I hit my knees
But he did not seem to impressed with all of my fanfare
Instead he shook his head, and gave me a troubled stare

(Verse 2)
He said, “You don’t seem to understand my legacy,
‘Cause there’s a lot more to it than just giving praise to me.
I lived my life a certain way so you could understand,
The Father put you all down here to lend a loving hand.”

(Pre-Chorus 1)
“So if you want to help me ease my pain,
Then it’s time for you to learn to play my game.”

“Feed the hungry, clothe the naked,
Heal the sick, and help the poor
Teach your children, love your neighbor,
That’s what you were put here for,
I showed you what to do, and then I died for you,
So don’t just praise my name, play my game.”

(Verse 2)
He said, “I know that you mean well but please stand up.
I’m upset by what I’ve seen and I’ve finally had enough.”
And tears welled up inside my eyes, and then he disappeared
And I thought of all the people I’ve looked past in all my years

(Pre-Chorus 2)
And though I gave myself a failing grade
I won’t forget what he came down to say

(Repeat Chorus)

When your turn comes around on judgment day
What you did for those around you goes a long, long way

(Instrumental Solo)

(Final Tag)
“Oh, I showed you what to do, and then I died for you
So don’t just praise my name, play my game,
Play his game.

Copyright © 2007 Steve Lungrin Songs