1. Put Here For

From the recording BEAT UP OLD PIANO

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Words & Music by Steve Lungrin

Steve Lungrin - Piano, Synthesizers, Bass, Drums, Lead & Backing Vocals

Chris Pinnick - Lead & Rhythm Guitars

Produced by Steve Lungrin


Put Here For

(Verse 1)
I feel all my life
I was meant for so much more than what
I’ve done so far
I’ve been afraid of risk
I haven’t done the things I need to do
To reach the stars

(Pre-Chorus 1)
There’s no time like right now
To turn my life around
There’s still time for me
I have a destiny

I don’t wanna waste another second of my life
I won’t stand on the sidelines anymore
It’s time to stop the talkin’, and time to start the walkin’
It’s time to do what I was put here for

(Verse 2)
I’ve been afraid of all
The unanswered questions if I go this route
And try this dance
I finally figured out
I can’t fail if I just follow my heart
And take a chance

(Pre-Chorus 2)
‘Cause life is way too short
To wish that you did more
Search inside your soul
And set a worthy goal

(Repeat Chorus)

(Instrumental Solo)

(Pre-Chorus 3)
Nothing on this earth
Short of God himself
Will stand in my way
Or this dream I have today

(Repeat Chorus x2)

(Final Vamp & Tag)
Put here for,
Put here for,
Put here for
It’s time to do what I was put here for

Copyright © 2008 Steve Lungrin Songs