Welcome to my complimentary mini course, which should give you a pretty darn good idea what the "Piano Man Approach" is.  The basic process is to learn chords, then apply those chords in rhythm patterns that approximate the feel of the song you're wanting to play, and then dress it up a bit with simple improv techniques. 

This is the same method every piano player you've ever seen on stage and TV or heard on the radio is using, and it makes the learning process FAST and FUN!  So...take these videos at your own pace, and have fun with the process.  These few videos give you a great overview of the method, and the information in them by themselves is enough to do credible versions of thousands of songs from rock, pop, and  country music from the 40's through the present day, but they are just the tip of the iceberg of what we cover in the full "Piano Man Approach" course.  Be sure to watch the 6th and final video which is a wrap up of what was covered in the mini course, and also touches on the ever popular topic of playing the melody in the right hand while using the "Piano Man Approach" method! 

Enjoy these videos, and learn more (and buy at this special discounted rate if you're interested) about the full "Piano Man Approach" online course at the bottom of the page.  :-)

Video 1: Chords

Video 2: Walking Bass Line Rhythm Pattern

Video 3: Country Rhythm Pattern

Video 4: Ballad Rhythm Pattern

Video 5: Simple Improv Technique